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Why Medjool dates?

Medjool dates have a rich, almost caramel-like taste, and a soft, chewy texture. Other varieties of dates such as the common Deglet Noor variety are usually smaller and drier. This is why Medjool dates are considered to be the “king of dates


Our Medjool date farms are nestled in a fertile oasis in the Jordan Valley, where over 10,000 date palm trees are grown, basking in the exceptionally warm and sunny microclimate of the Jordan Valley. This unique location is considered to be the best spot worldwide for growing Medjool dates and lends to the inimitable taste of every Mirage premium date

Founded in 2011, Mirage Premium Dates works closely with state-of-the-art Medjool palm dates farms in the Jordan Valley. Harvesting high-quality Medjool dates, processing, sorting, storing and packaging the dates in a unique and eye-catching package that customers all over the world enjoy.

Why Us?

We are a leading Premium Medjool Dates producer introducing new farming, harvesting and post-harvesting methodologies which guarantee high quality and consistent product.


Mirage Premium Dates provides the best date quality, as each individual date is inspected with an optical camera to ensure optimal quality and minimum loose-skin (below 10%).


We are constantly expanding the business and would be very interested in finding strategic partnerships for different markets with the goal of providing a unique premium dates experience to our end customers.


We can also provide customized packaging to suit your market needs, with different sizes and languages.

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